What is Skiing & Snowboarding?

Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most fun and exhilarating sports you can get involved in. Both are great fitness activities and can be enjoyed by anyone – no matter what age you are or whether you have tried it before or not.

Both sports feature in the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in many guises – from alpine skiing to big air snowboarding, as well as being enjoyed by over a million British people who take a snowsports holiday every winter.

Skiing and Snowboarding Quick Fire

Why choose skiing or snowboarding? Both are fun, exhilarating, alternative and a great work out.

Will I be able to do it? As long as you start with some tuition, then yes. A few simple tips and you will be off.

I have a disability, can I do it? Yes, there are adaptive options in both skiing and snowboarding.

Is it expensive? It really doesn't have to be. You can have a go on a dry slope in the UK for just a few pounds – which also includes the kit.

How can I be the next Olympic Champion? Once you have learnt the basics there are plenty of clubs and sessions that will take your skiing or snowboarding to the next level.

Where can I take part? There are hundreds of slopes and ski / snowboard clubs across the UK. Visit our 'Activity Finder' to find your nearest

Is skiing or snowboarding for me?

Skiing and snowboarding is for everyone, with people taking it up at all different ages. Snowsports often appeals to people who don't always get on with traditional sports and are looking for something a bit different. Which other sport allows you to slide down a snow slope, or an artificial alternative, on two planks or one big plank sideward?!

Snowsports isn't necessarily expensive, making it accessible to everyone. Skiing or snowboarding at one of the many indoor or dry slopes in the UK makes snowsports affordable, with a session often just a few pounds, with the skis or snowboard and boots all included in the price. There is nothing stopping you, so why don't you find our local slope and give it a go!

Health and fitness benefits

There are many health and fitness benefits that come with skiing and snowboarding as well as both being a lot of fun. These include:

Developing Core Skills: Both skiing and snowboarding involve a lot of balance and coordination; you have to be aware of many slight movements of your body in order to ski / snowboard well and stay on your feet. Both will improve your core stability, balance and flexibility.

Strengthening your muscles: As you ski and snowboard, you will give your legs and bum a great work out. By skiing or snowboarding regularly, you will be constantly strengthening your muscles making you strong and fit.

Improving your stamina Both skiing and snowboarding are aerobic endurance activities (meaning they last a while and therefore taking on lots of oxygen becomes an important aspect of the exercise). This means both sports can help an individual burn calories and lose weight.

What discipline shall I try?

Snowsports for the Disabled

There are many options to get on snow and try skiing and snowboarding if you have a disability, whether it is a physical disability, cognitive disability, visual impairment, audio impairment, amputation or any other additional need.

Many of the UK's indoor or dry slopes offer adaptive lessons or have local disability ski groups. There are also lots of opportunities to head overseas with many groups and charities organising trips for disabled adults or children.

Adaptive snowsports is about adapting equipment and lessons and providing accessible support systems to allow people with a wide range of disabilities to take to the snow and experience the freedom of snowsports.

The best starting point is visiting the Disability Snowsport UK website which outlines all the opportunities in the UK and has details of overseas trips.

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