Give it a go

How do I start?

It's easy to start skiing or snowboarding - there are plenty of opportunities
throughout the country at one of the many slopes or ski & snowboard clubs.
Just find your nearest slope using our Slope Map or nearest beginner session using our Activity Finder. After just one session we promise you will be hooked!

What do I need?

Most facilities will have all the equipment you need as a beginner, including skis, a snowboard, boots and a helmet. There will be an opportunity to hire them out before your session. You will need to make sure you are wearing the correct clothing in order to stay warm and protected. Here is a guide to what you might want to consider wearing:

- Skis/snowboard & boots (can be rented)

- Helmet (can be rented)

- Waterproof jacket and trousers for real snow slopes (can be rented at indoor slopes)

- Long trousers and long sleeved top for dry slopes

- Warm under-layers and hat (particularly at indoor slopes where it is chilly!)

- Gloves

- Long socks

Do I need to be fit?

Fitness levels are certainly not an issue with skiing and snowboarding. If you're a beginner with not a great level of fitness then that's fine; skiing and snowboarding will help to improve that and although you may find it tiring, each time you go you will notice that your fitness levels are improving.

Where can I do it?

There are plenty of slopes and also ski and snowboard clubs around the UK where you can get involved. See our Slopes Map to find your nearest slope or check out our Activity Finder for the nearest opportunity to you.

Who can I go with?

As with any sport, it is great to try something new with someone else. If you have friends or family who also want to give snowsports ago, why not head down to your nearest slope together.

Many slopes also cater for groups, so you could go organise a session for your workplace or community group. There are also plenty of opportunities for school groups throughout the year.

In April each year Snowsport England organise a National Schools Snowsport Week aimed at offering free or low cost sessions for schools. Visit to find out more.

Ski Holidays

Some people will get their first taste of skiing and snowboarding on a holiday – whether in the Alps, Scandinavia, Scotland or even further afield!

Our friends at the Ski Club of Great Britain have got plenty of information and advice for taking your first ever ski holiday. Visit the Ski Club website to find out more.

Volunteering and Coaching

Whether you are already a keen skier or snowboarder and want to give something back, or just fancy getting involved in a different way, then you could consider volunteering or coaching.

The Snowsport England website gives you the full low-down on how to get involved with officiating, instructing and coaching

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Our Partners

  • Ellis Brigham
  • English Schools Ski Association
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  • National Schools Snowsport Association
  • SIGB
  • Ski Club GB
  • Snowsport England
  • Snowsport Scotland
  • Snowsport Wales
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