Want to offer your students the opportunity to take part in snowsports? You don't have to go abroad to do it!

Does your college already go on a Ski Holiday? Have you thought about offering snowsports on a regular basis at home?

Then GO SKI GO BOARD Colleges is for you.

GO SKI GO BOARD will help you to set up a link between your college and your local slope. We will also provide marketing resources you can use to get the word out to your students such as posters, screensavers and booking forms.

How do we get involved?

  1. Find the nearest participating slope to your college by using our Find My Nearest... search. This will also highlight the slope's college offer.
  2. Register with Snowsport England to access the downloadable support resources.
  3. Book your sessions with your nearest participating slope and have fun! Don't forget to mention GO SKI GO BOARD when booking.

GO SKI GO BOARD sessions could be subsidised by applying for a funding stream called Sportivate. This will help to reduce the cost even further as well as sustain people's participation after their first GO SKI GO BOARD course.

About GO SKI GO BOARD Colleges

GO SKI GO BOARD is run over 6 hours ideally spread over 6 weeks. These are co-ordinated and booked through the GO SKI GO BOARD Activator role which could be a teacher/college employee or an enthusiastic volunteer student. The courses can take place at a time suitable for you (restrictions apply) and it doesn't matter what skill level your students have got, GO SKI GO BOARD caters for all.

The Activator can also recruit Snowsport Makers (volunteer students) to help find participants to take part and spread the word about the opportunity.

Training is available for all roles in the downloadable resources.

College Clubs and Slope Student Nights

As part of the National Satellite Club Initiative Snowsport facilities are offering student nights which your students can join. Snowsport Makers will be supported to set up a college club to take part in this student night.

"But Snowsport is expensive!" we here you say. Well chill out. This programme offers an all-inclusive price with the price you see being the price you pay – no extra for equipment, clothing, lift pass or instruction.

We think you'll be surprised - it's cheaper than you think!

If you have any questions please contact us.

Our Partners

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Our Partners

  • Ellis Brigham
  • English Schools Ski Association
  • Halsbury Ski
  • National Schools Snowsport Association
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  • Ski Club GB
  • Snowsport England
  • Snowsport Scotland
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