Francesca Lee

Hometown: Keswick

1) How and where did you get into snowsports?
I got into skiing through family ski holidays and later I joined Kendal Snowsport Club which introduced me to racing

2) What do you love about skiing and snowboarding?
I really love skiing fast

3) Where is the best place that skiing or snowboarding has taken you to and why?

My favourite country to ski in is in Austria.

4) What are your plans and goals for the upcoming year?

My goals for the coming year are continue to improve whilst keeping up with my A levels.

5) Finally…what advice would you give to someone trying skiing or snowboarding for the first time?
I would advise people trying skiing for the first time not to give up even if they are having a bad day.

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Our Partners

  • Ellis Brigham
  • English Schools Ski Association
  • Halsbury Ski
  • National Schools Snowsport Association
  • SIGB
  • Ski Club GB
  • Snowsport England
  • Snowsport Scotland
  • Snowsport Wales
  • Sport England
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