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Jordan Fellows

Name: Jordan Fellows

Hometown: Walsall

Discipline: Alpine Ski Racing (Giant Slalom, Super G)

1) How and where did you get into snowsports?

I went on a family holiday to Andorra when I was 5. I was put in the ski school all week whilst my mum and dad went off skiing. I really enjoyed skiing around the mountain so when we got back to the UK I signed up to a membership at Telford Ski Club straight away and started lessons on a Saturday morning.

2) What do you love about skiing and snowboarding?

The thrill never gets old because every day is different. Each day you're learning something new, doing something a bit different to the day before. The speed is really cool; I quite enjoy just pointing myself straight down a mountain looking for jumps. But the best days are the fresh powder days where we are just allowed to go off skiing in waist deep snow in big groups of friends, hitting jumps, getting lost. It's just really great fun.

3) Where is the best place that skiing or snowboarding has taken you to and why?

In November 2015 I will be going to Canada so I'm really looking forwards to that - I'm sure that it will live up to my expectations. Currently my favourite place to ski is Alpbach in Austria, just because I trained there so much as a child for like 5/6 years I know it like the back of my hand, know all the people there, all the runs and all the best places for jumps. It never gets old, it's such a cool place which I recommend to go!

4) What are your plans and goals for the upcoming year?

As I said before I am going to Canada in a few weeks to start my training early this year which is great. After New Year I will be based in Les Houches, France, where I will stay for around 3 months to train and race. I will be racing at the English Alpine Championships in Bormio in February and the British Champs in Tignes in March. I will also be trying to do as many races out in France and Italy too. My exciting role as an Ambassador for Go Ski Go Board is something different I'll have to accomodate time for but I am really looking forward to seeing how many people we can get taking up the sport and hopefully I can be a part of the successful programme.

5) Finally…what advice would you give to someone trying skiing or snowboarding for the first time?

Just have fun and don't be scared to try something new because you might be great at it. I remember in my first lesson as a 5 year old I spent 2 hours trying to get on the lift at Telford but even so I still really enjoyed my 2 runs of skiing! I guarantee it will be great fun.

Website: www.jordanfellows.co.uk/

Twitter: @Jordfellows1

Blog: www.jordanfellowsblog.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/skiJordanFellows

Instagram: @_jf97

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