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Daniel Barton

Daniel is part of the England Alpine and British Ski and Snowboard Development Squads. A cheeky personality, Dan has been spending the summer practising on his new FIS-length skis with Team Evolution. He gave us 5 minutes around recent fitness testing ahead of the 2015/16 winter season kicking off!

Hometown: Bedford

1) How and where did you get into snowsports?

I got into snow sports by the offer of a ski trip to Italy with my school. I started to learn at Milton Keynes snowdome, and never stopped!

2) What do you love about skiing and snowboarding?

The thing about skiing that I love most is easily the feeling of having skied the best that I can in a race.

3) Where is the best place that skiing or snowboarding has taken you to and why?

Then best place that skiing has taken me to is definitely Australia. This is just because it's so far away, an amazing country. It's also pretty cool seeing a wombat on the slopes and a kangaroo in the garden.

4) What are your plans and goals for the upcoming year?

My plans for the next year is to ski as much in the holidays, but trying to focus on schoolwork too. On the racing and ambassador front, my goals for the coming season is definitely to ski at my best in as many races as possible whilst attending as many GO SKI GO BOARD events as possible.

5) Finally…what advice would you give to someone trying skiing or snowboarding for the first time?

The advice that I would give to somebody whose learning to ski or board is that there will be hard times, but don't give up.

You can follow Dan's season by checking out his regularly updated blog:


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