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Go Ski Go Board


GO SKI GO BOARD is a national sports participation campaign ran by Snowsport England to help you find your nearest slope in England that offers ski lessons, snowboard lessons and a range of other snowsport opportunities. The campaign brings together a network of indoor and artificial snow slopes and community sport clubs across the UK who offer value for money taster, beginner, improver and recreational skiing and snowboarding lessons and sessions. These are split across 4 simple levels in the pathway for all snowsport centres: TRY, GET, GO and JUST.

Whether you're an absolute beginner learning to ski or learning to snowboard for the first time, want to improve ready for an upcoming holiday to the mountains, or an experienced snowsport enthusiast just wanting to re-live your time on the ski slopes, one of the best ways to get involved in snowsports is through GO SKI GO BOARD.

For those of you that have caught the snowsports bug and have been inspired by Great Britain's skiers and snowboarders at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, GO SKI GO BOARD now also includes racing and freestyle opportunities, to help you continue your snowsports journey by giving you the chance to try freestyle skiing or snowboarding, give ski racing a go and involve yourself in the snowsports community.

How Do I Get Involved?

Whether you are a part of a group or an individual there are opportunities for you to get involved.

Depending on your past experience you can start your GO SKI GO BOARD journey at any point. Have a look at the different disciplines below to see the pathways available and workout where you should be starting.

After your first set of GO SKI GO BOARD sessions your journey can continue to the next level or you can join your local club or a regular slope session. We will help you to find your nearest club and give you advice on how to stay in the sport.

"But skiing and snowboarding are expensive!!" we hear you say. It doesn't have to be!

This programme offers an all-inclusive price with the price you see being the price you pay – no extra for equipment, clothing, lift pass or instruction. You'll be surprised - the cost is
lower than you might think!

For Groups

GO SKI GO BOARD deliverers have tailored offers to meet the requirements of different groups of people.

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Workplaces
  • Communities
  • Groups of friends

See the How GO SKI GO BOARD works for groups page for more information.

To find your local group offers use the 'Find my Nearest...' search and book directly with the provider. Don't forget to mention 'GO SKI GO BOARD' when booking.

For Individuals

GO SKI GO BOARD deliverers are running open sessions at the different levels of GO SKI GO BOARD.

To find your nearest open sessions use the 'Find my Nearest...' search and book directly with the provider. Don't forget to mention 'GO SKI GO BOARD' when booking.

To see other opportunities for individuals please see the How GO SKI GO BOARD works for Individuals page.

About Snowsport England

Snowsport England is the National Governing Body of snowsports in England. We have been given responsibility for fostering and promoting the interests of English skiers and snowboarders and all aspects of their sport in England and overseas.

GO SKI GO BOARD is a Snowsport England participation programme with the aim of boosting grassroots participation within the sport.

If you want to help us spread the word about GO SKI GO BOARD and keep up with the latest campaign news like 'GO SKI GO BOARD' on Facebook or check out #GoSkiGoBoard on our Twitter.

Or become a member of Snowsport England, its is simple and has a number of benefits. Please see our main website for more information.

What is Go Ski Go Board?

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